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Friday, May 16, 2008

OT: Hey, We're On TV

Or, rather, the wife will be, Monday morning on KDOC's "Daybreak OC" news program (which starts at 7:00 AM — set your DVR if you care) in a piece about the Veterinary Cancer Group. No cures: the dogs, Foley in particular, continue to deteriorate, albeit at a much slower pace. What they give you is the gift of time.


Rob, I just discovered your blog thanks to the K bros at Blue Notes. Thanks for the great preview for this weekend and thanks for the off-topic post about the vet practice.

Nice to see some UC Davis vets representing in LA--I've been here for almost a decade. Not an ideal place for Dodgers fans but a good place for riding horses. Most of the time I get to give my colleagues a hard time about the Giants, and the 51s are nearby (visiting West Sacramento) every once in a while.

Take care,
Eric in Davis
But what a great gift. Excuse me, I need to go hug my dog. Please give your pups a scritch for me.

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