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Monday, May 19, 2008

OT: More On The Veterinary Cancer Group

Radiation tech Joy Ridout and Hailey

Here's a good Register piece about the Veterinary Cancer Group:
Should she opt to treat Hailey's cancer? Or should she let it run its course?

She was told that without treatment Hailey might live a couple of months. If she chose radiation, that prognosis might extend the dog's life by a year.

"I decided she was so young I had to get her here," she said.

Even though Bervel and Hailey's commute to Tustin on a good day was 75 minutes, one-way, Hailey underwent radiation treatments at VCG Monday through Friday for five weeks in 2006.

An ultrasound in January 2007 showed that her sinuses were free of cancer.

Hailey was the rather slim hope we had for Foley (this is a particularly invasive form of cancer just because of its location). He's done better than most, but not quite as well as Hailey. But I just can't say enough nice things about the people at VCG, who have been wonderful through a dreadful time.


Great article. Thanks for sharing.

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