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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

UTK Quickies

From today's UTK:
Jake Peavy (15 DXL)
Peavy's trip to the DL is still expected to be a two or three start thing, but other observers aren't sure. One person inside the game thinks that Peavy's motion is the root cause of his injury: "Watch the delivery, the deceleration of the arm as it wraps violently around his rib cage. It is an absolute joke that they allowed him to pitch this way without any concern up to this point. The bang of the elbow joint, the lack of deceleration, lack of rotation, and connection is totally absent in Peavy." I spent about an hour yesterday looking at Peavy's motion and it is violent, but very consistent. The 'repeatable' motion is something all scouts (and pitching coaches) look for, but if they're just repeating a mistake, is that worse? Peavy's injury is still unclear, but reports of fluid around the ligament and that it's not the flexor he injured a few years ago are narrowing the possibilities.


Andruw Jones (5 DXL)
The Dodgers are now pushing Jones to have surgery. As well as some torn cartilage in the knee, Jones has a Baker's cyst. The cyst usually develops as a result of the initial problem, like a cartilage tear, and is easily corrected. I'm told that Jones is still resistant to missing time, though with his performance I'm still convinced that the Dodgers are thinking that the time off and rehab time could also be used to try to salvage things. I don't know, however, if the contract is insured. Most insurance has a 90-day period before it kicks in, and Jones' time lost would be less in all but the worst-case scenario. A decision is going to be made soon, however; Joe Torre is making noises like Friday might be the deadline, so watch closely. I'm holding Jones at a low DXL figure for now, but it will jump if he decides to have the surgery, so start planning for that contingency now.

Also: "Gary Bennett hits the DL with plantar fascitis, though the real problem is throwing the ball back to the mound, Mackey Sasser-style. He's met with Steve Sax, who had similar issues as a Dodger at second base."

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