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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kotchman Gives Shaky Weaver A Win, Sweep: Angels 3, Phillies 2

Jered Weaver was back to his bad old tricks, but he somehow managed to hang tough long enough to get a win, staying on the mound for five and a third hot, sweaty innings. Weaver wasn't helped by Kerwin Danley's strike zone, the bottom of which seemed to vary noticeably even within at-bats; in particular, Weaver got jobbed by Danley's calls on two pitches in Geoff Jenkins' "four-pitch" walk in the bottom of the fourth. But in general, Weaver's command, which seems to come and go this year, was often missing, and he got into deep counts by frequently starting batters off with ball one.

The Angels scored all their runs in the top of the second, with Gary Matthews, Jr. cashing in Vlad on an RBI single, and then Casey Kotchman belted Phillies ace Cole Hamels' 1-0 pitch into the right field Bud Light sign. Mike Napoli came close to getting another homer when he ripped a foul ball into the fourth deck, but his contributions otherwise amounted to a pair of strikeouts and a walk. Vlad kept his hitting streak alive, and has now hit safely in 13 straight games.

ESPN BoxMLB.com recap

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Weave's line didn't look completely awful (6 Ks and 2/3 of his pitches were stikes .... but there were plenty of holes in it too though).

but i just saw the last half of the game, and also noted the Phillies announcers gave the "Player of the Game" to "the Angels bullpen" ... so "Shaky Weaver" it is.

He definitely better step it up, with Scioscia leaving the door open for Kelvin to return as a starter - he's the weakest link right now in the rotation and its due to his inconsistency from start to start.

Finally i love these 3-2 victories, just to babboozle the ESPN & BP Power Ranking Pytahgorians. With the A's winning 7-1 today, they're maintaining the 50+ run differntial compared to the Halos and i'm looking forward to another week where they are ranked about 10 spots ahead of us.

Standings = old school, baby!

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