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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Fuel For The Colletti Fire

Ken Rosenthal confirms my suspicion that Ned Colletti is floating trial balloons to ship Matt Kemp and/or some of the other kids for Proven Vetruhn Leadership or some other such twaddle:
Rival executives are skeptical, considering that the Dodgers frequently have backed out of trades involving their youngsters. Dodgers officials, however, say privately that they are indeed more willing to break up their young core. If that is true, Kemp would bring the greatest return.

Kemp, batting .299-.346-.446 at age 23, possesses the tools to become a major star. A rival executive describes him as an "awfully, awfully intriguing talent," one who only figures to get better. Questions persist about Kemp's makeup and ability to make adjustments, but those are not unusual criticisms of a young player.

And Colletti is not an astute GM.

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I'd just at least keep in mind that Plaschke floated the same trial balloons last summer/fall, and nothing came of them.
i'd give up GA, Juan Rivera, and GMJ for Kemp.
The way Colletti likes to load up on redundant depth, he'd probably take you up on it. All three of them had really good seasons at some point in the past 10 years, so who's to say they can't do it again?

Finding playing time for Anderson, Rivera, Matthews, Pierre, Jones and Ethier? That's Joe's department. You must have a shortstop you could add to this as a sweetener. All Ned's got is Furcal, Berroa, Garciaparra, Maza and Hu. We're three more disablings away from having to play Russell Martin there.

-- dzzrtRatt

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