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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pickoff Moves, Lunchtime Edition

Mike Scioscia, Who Changed Everything

Tim Brown on Mike Scioscia, guardian of the Angels:
Scioscia knew a little about Schoeneweis, mainly that the Duke product was talented but so cocky as to be nearly uncoachable. In his first team meeting, the “Hi, my name is Mike and I’m the new skipper” meeting, Scioscia asked players to stand up and talk, answer a couple questions for the group. But this was no random exercise.

Midway through, he pointed to Schoeneweis, then a 26-year-old prospect who had glided through the Angels’ farm system, made 31 big-league appearances the previous season and was on the verge of winning a place in the starting rotation.

“Hey, Scott,” Scioscia said, “you were in (Triple-A) Edmonton some last year, right?”

Schoeneweis stood and nodded.

“Tell me,” Scioscia demanded, “who was the biggest jerk on that team?”

Only he didn’t say “jerk.”

Schoeneweis reddened.

“Uh,” he began.

The room demanded an honest answer.

“Probably me,” he finally said.

The room was satisfied. Players burst into knowing laughter. Having established exactly where he stood with the new manager, Schoeneweis sat down.


“The day they hired him, that’s when things changed,” [Garret] Anderson said. “The attitude changed. How we go about our business changed. How we’re viewed as an organization changed. He played in L.A. They won. They were an arrogant bunch of guys who knew they were going to kick your behind every night. That works in this sport. You hear it enough, you start thinking, ‘I guess we’re going to get it done.’ You have no choice.

Tim Brown On Midseason Trades

Rank speculation if that sort of thing gets you excited:
The coming month will tell, but as of now the Dodgers, Mets and Giants are in need of a big, strong, run-producing corner outfielder. That’s Holliday, who is this July’s Mark Teixeira. He can become a free agent after next season, could be too pricy for his current ballclub and is represented by Scott Boras, who values free agency well above contract extensions. Holliday is back from a left hamstring injury and could bring the kind of pitching the Rockies so desperately need. On the other hand, they could get shortstop Troy Tulowitzki back shortly, reenact September in July and hold onto Holliday for at least a few more months.

Something You Don't See Every Day

Everybody Loves Jaime Jarrin

Two pieces about Dodgers broadcaster Jaime Jarrin, one by Eric Enders at Dodger Thoughts and another at the Times, both no doubt prompted by the team's plan to honor Jarrin before tonight's game.

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