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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pickoff Moves

Ned Colletti's Running Out Of Patience With The Kids

I suppose I should be grateful that Ned Colletti didn't just dump Matt Kemp, James Loney, and Clayton Kershaw for Proven Vetruhn Angel Berroa considering the horrifying noises he made in this Helene Elliott interview:
"Our young players are no different than anybody else's," Colletti said. "They all have to get to the point where they can focus in and take it pitch by pitch by pitch. We need to do that. And that's going to take time.

"It doesn't crawl at the pace of the San Andreas fault, but it's somewhat like that. If you look at it every day, you're going to say, where's the progress?"


"It's part of the process of having young players, especially as many as we do. It's incumbent upon myself, it's incumbent upon Joe, it's incumbent upon the coaching staff to continue to implore them to be as good as they can be and to take every at-bat seriously."

That's a significant accusation, that the kids aren't taking every at bat seriously. I wonder, Ned, do you take your job seriously? If so, on what basis do you send down Chin-Lung Hu and trade for a certified crater at shortstop like Angel Berroa? It's certainly on his mind:
Asked whether his frustration over the long development process would make him more -- or less -- inclined to trade a youngster, he paused.

"I think it's early yet to say that, but it's something that I'm not against doing," he said. "If we get to the point where we can definitively improve ourselves, we'll do it. If it means a young player or two young players, it'll happen. At the same time I can't be rushing to judgment on them or using frustration as my guide, because you can easily get frustrated by watching."

I read that as, the Dodgers will improve themselves by (a) failing to be patient, and (b) making more moves like Berroa. Great.

Belated Off-Day Fun From SoSG

A fun puzzle, and its musical conclusion. Neat!

Luck Explains The Angels' Success?

Jonah Keri in the New York Sun thinks so (via BTF).

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Hey Rob -

The Mariners have a bunch of vets they might be ready to unload for a bunch of kids. And if Coletti is ready to deal, what better GM to deal with than Bill ("the GM who has never come out on the winning side in a trade") Bavasi. But Coletti better move quick if he wants to play with Trader Bill. Bill's job might not be too secure right now.
Wow, the perfect storm.

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