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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Is It Really So Strange? Phillies 9, Dodgers 2

Why is the last mile the hardest mile?

With this loss, the Dodgers are 11-10 since the acquisition of Manny Ramirez. That includes a road split against the Snakes, road losses to the Cards and Giants, a home sweep of the Phils, a home series win against Milwaukee, and a home series loss to the Rocks. That is, they've been playing about like a schizophrenic and mediocre team.

One of the themes of this year that seems to keep coming up is how the kids aren't quite measuring up, and the Fox broadcast crew brought that up in mentioning that Russell Martin said that with Manny joining the team, he didn't even feel like a good player any more. It seems a silly thing to bring up, because of all the kids, Martin is the least worrisome; usually, that role falls on Kemp's shoulders. Martin subsequently showed them up by crushing a Cole Hamels offering into the left field bleachers about eight rows back, but that was it for the Blue, who never again got any traction against the Phils.

The Phils, on the other hand, blowed up Clayton Kershaw real good, getting to him early with a three-run homer in the first, and continuing to smack him around later. One of those late runs was on an embarrassing Pat Burrell "double", which should have been a routine flyball out, but Kemp lost it in the sun and it landed a good 15 feet behind him. The Phils alertly took advantage and cashed in two immediately. It kind of dribbled on from there, with Joe Torre calling in Jason Johnson so he could Not Be Clayton Kershaw. In that, Johnson was effective but not in the sense of preventing runs, and so it is in the bandbox called Citizen's Bank Park. It was a good game to be outside and listening to the radio while gardening.

ESPN Boxdodgers.com recap

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I think that embarrassing double is hit by Burrel not by Howard.
The Phillies finally managed some offense these last 2 games. They've been in a slump for the longest time. As a Phillies fan, hopefully this is a sign they can get out of that funk.

Last series the games were close. The Phillies and Dodgers both need this current series.
Ah, fixed on the Burrell thing.
For what it's worth, I'm rooting for the Phils in the East this year just because the Mets annoyed me greatly with the classless way they fired Willie Randolph.

The Dodgers ended this game three back of the Snakes, and it's far from clear they have the oomph to catch up, let alone overtake them.

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