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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Roadkill: Diamondbacks 9, Dodgers 3

I was following this on my phone; for a while the Dodgers were in it, returning fire to take the lead briefly 2-1 after four and a half innings, but the the Snakes pretty much stepped on Hiroki Kuroda for three more right after that, and that was all they needed. Not that they stopped there, mind you, taking Chan Ho Park out behind the shed and bullwhipping him, too. Park's defense let him down, too, when a fielding error by Nomar caused an unearned run. It just didn't matter. They weren't good enough.

Because we park in the parking garage on the north side of Katella when we go to Angels games, I typically can't get either Angels or Dodgers broadcasts while I'm in there, but for whatever bizarre reason, XM comes in just fine. Waiting to get out — it seemed far too long considering how many people left early or never even arrived at the park — I turned on the XM receiver and got the Arizona feed, as is XM's custom. The Snakes radio announcers mentioned how beaten the Dodgers looked, and I have to believe them. This is a team in search of a fork, or a fat lady.

With the loss, the Dodgers extended a road skid dating back to August 9 that has seen them lose 10 straight road games. They're one loss away from tying the all-time Los Angeles Dodgers franchise mark of eleven, set in 1992 from June 2 through June 21.

Update: Forgot to mention that Jeff Kent's knee locked up and he couldn't swing the bat in the seventh. He'll get an MRI.

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