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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Two Games

Vlad's At It Again: Angels 9, Orioles 4

I was downstairs reading Bill Shaikin's Times recap of this game a few minutes ago. As with most day games, I got caught unawares, but Vlad had a four-RBI day off another finesse lefty, with Mark Teixeira picking up a 2-for-3 game with three runs scored. Even Jeff Mathis got a solo homer to add to his season totals. Even Juan Rivera came close to a home run if not for a great play by Jay Payton.

There's talk now that Vlad might earn a .300 season batting average by the end of September. We'll see...

Ervin Santana gave up a solo homer to Luis Montanez in the second pitch he saw in the majors, but that was the worst of the damage for Santana, who pitched fairly well for a day game; he gave up all four of Baltimore's runs.

Yahoo boxMLB.com recap

No Cookies: Cardinals 9, Dodgers 6

I did watch the beginning of this game, at least the fourth inning at-bats against Albert Pujols and Ryan Ludwick, and let me tell you, Derek Lowe was throwing cookies. He wasn't happy about it:
"It was ugly," said Torre. "Not much I can tell you. Derek didn't get the ball where he wanted."


"Nothing worked all night long," said Lowe, who is 8-10 on the year and 1-6 lifetime against the Cardinals. "What are you going to say? Who knows? You can't throw them flat, sailing over the plate, and expect to get guys out. I paid the price and dug my team a huge hole.

Manny Ramirez gave the Dodgers an early 3-1 lead but Lowe gives it all up? You knew what the outcome was going to be once Lowe failed to get Adam Kennedy out, giving up a one-out single to load the bases for Prince Albert.

And then there was Torre's crazy game protest, complaining because he didn't know that Mark Sweeney had officially entered the game once he had stepped foot in the batter's box. Torre apparently missed that bit, but it's inattention to details like that one that have led to a lot of Dodger failure this year. Moreover, what business does Sweeney have being in a major league batter's box in the first place? Until Joe can come up with satisfactory answers to questions like that one, the Dodgers will continue to flounder.

Yahoo boxMLB.com recap

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Couple of minor corrections, if you don't mind: the HR to Montanez was a solo shot; the other runs came courtesy of a Nick Markakis 3-run shot. Whatever; at that point, Santana had an 8-run lead and his job was to just throw strikes, which he did (77/106), with no walks. Being at the game, I never had the sense that Santana was ever in the slightest bit of trouble.
Also, Jay Payton made the catch in center to rob Juan Rivera.

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