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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Two Games

You Mean They Can Lose, Too? Mariners 10, Angels 7 (12 Innings)

What started as an apparently winnable pitchers' duel turned into a slopfest late, as neither side could hold onto a lead and stupid plays littered the game, especially for the Angels. Consider: So, yeah, a crummy game, and one they could have won multiple times. If Howie doesn't screw up that DP ball, Mark Teixera's solo blast is a walkoff shot, and this game is done in regulation. Too much failing for one night, and against a bad team, too.

Update, Morning After Reconsideration Edition: It's worth mentioning that while the M's have a terrible offense, they also are now minus a lot of the parts that made them so dreadful: gone are Richie Sexson and Jose Vidro, while Jeff Clement is getting playing time over the collapsing Kenji Johjima, and Wladimir Balentien is getting a real shot at a starting outfield job now that Adam Jones is playing in a Orioles uniform. In other words, the bad decision-making process of the Bill Bavasi era is gone, and the team is headed down the path towards respectability.

Yahoo boxMLB.com recap

The Dodgers Win The Series Against Philly? Huh? Dodgers 7, Phillies 6

I should have listened to the end of this one, because it would have been a lot more rewarding. The Phils amassed an early four-run deficit in the first against Brad Penny, who clearly had nothing, and extended it with two more in the second. Joe Blanton wasn't much better, giving up four earned runs in five innings, and then the parade of relievers on both sides, with the Dodgers getting a strangely good performance from Jason Johnson, a bad one from Joe Beimel (who failed to make an out against anybody), and then some not-so-unusual good work from Chan-Ho Park, and Jonathan Broxton. Russell Martin was perfect at the plate, Jeff Kent nearly so, and the whole affair came to an end on Nomar's walkoff solo blast. Crazy, I tells you, crazy.

Yahoo boxMLB.com recap

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