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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Unexpected: Dodgers 4, Phillies 3

He fooled me. Or maybe I fooled myself because I did not want fate to unfold as it did.
— Kurt Streeter in today's editions of the Times
It's not that the Dodgers can't be good or can't beat winning teams, though so far this year, they've been pretty awful at it, as their .493 RPI score shows at ESPN. It's that it's unexpected when they do, though maybe less now since Manny and Blake joined the team. Yesterday's dash-off win on Andre Ethier's pinch-hit single was one of those transcendent moments the team has really lacked lately, and in fact have been on the wrong end of. (Ethier of course had been benched against a lefty in favor of Juan Pierre only days after he was named the starting outfielder over Pierre.)

The Dodgers got just enough offense to beat the Phils, especially with allegedly tough lefty J.C. Romero on the mound; he was miserable in his 2006 stint with the Angels, but the Red Sox and Phils have somehow turned him back into the ridiculous dominator he used to be with the Twins. It was a good thing the Dodgers were able to get to the pen, because they did remarkably little against starter Cole Hamels, who was in line for the win prior to Casey Blake's no-outs, bases-loaded sacrifice fly off Chad Durbin; Hamels only gave up a pair of runs, and only five hits and two walks while striking out seven.

Clayton Kershaw, who got a no-decision, got exactly a quality start against the NL East leaders, who saw their division lead shrink to one game thanks to a 4-3 New York win over Washington. The Dodgers kept pace with Arizona, who beat Colorado 4-2 and remain a game atop the NL West. And once again, the Dodgers are above .500. This is ridiculous.

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