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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Is Yankee Stadium Dead Yet?

I have had more than enough of the national media tripping over themselves to tell us how great the old Yankee Stadium is, how it's a kuh-thee-drul, and so on; call me an apostate, call me a heretic, but I could not care less. The evidence is in, though, that the new park is an ATM for a team that scarcely needs it, paid for at public expense and despite the expressed wishes of the people who actually live in the neighborhood. Smaller by almost 10,000 seats, it's hard to imagine why anyone will be happy about the new park unless they have an in with the city.

The wrecking ball can't come fast enough. The rest of us have a postseason to look forward to that, mercifully, doesn't contain the most overfed and annoying team in baseball. Even if it's only for one season, that is an event I've been anticipating for years.

Update: Let's Go Tribe has a wonderfully apropros piece on this gratuitous event, including a review of this delightful outcome.

Also: ex-Angel Jose Molina was the last man to hit a home run at Yankee Stadium in yesterday's 7-3 win over Baltimore. Hat tip to the Rev.

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Sorry Rob, but I have to disagree with you a bit here. Yankee Stadium is a special place. I don't know if you've been there, but I found myself thinking back today to the three times I was lucky enough to witness a game there.

My mom got to see DiMaggio, Mantle, Berra & Ford play there. My grandmother saw Joe Louis pummel Max Schmeling (her friend missed the fight; he was busy carefully folding a fancy coat before he sat down, and the fight was over by the time he was done).

As for the new place, I read that it's capacity is only a touch smaller: 52xxx compared to 56xxx. It is a travesty that public funds were used to build it, but that's for the people of New York to take up with their elders (except for the fact that it gives the Yankees that much more money to spend, including the luxury tax exemption).
I agree that it got a bit much over the last few weeks, but I really did enjoy watching the game last night. I never thought I'd watch Yankees/Orioles over Packers/Cowboys, but I did. Hate to admit it, but ESPN did a really good job, especially with all the old clips and videos - and I really enjoyed the stories from Whitey Ford.

I hated the place, but I'm glad I made it there one more time this year.
Amen, brother! I say good riddance. And now I'm dreading opening day next year when they break out a full month of pompous ceremonies and comparisons to Xanadu. Zzzzzzzz.
And some Stan Coleridgeway -- in the Bronx did Steinbrenner a stately treasure dome decree...

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