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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Pickoff Moves

Tech: Google Chrome

I won't have much to say on Google Chrome until they issue a release for the Mac and/or Linux, my preferred platforms. (I have no Windows machines anywhere, either at work or at home; viruses are too damned annoying!) I do find it disturbing that, though they claim it's open source, the first release is Windows-only. Also, there's a lack of extensibility (AdBlock Plus is a particularly lovable feature), and though there do appear to be a couple interesting features (the per-tab sandbox would seem to be a good idea), the suggestions feature looks kinda Orwellian to me. Pass, thanks.

Things That Happened While I Was Out: Angels 5, Tigers 4

Scot Shields stole a win from Joe Saunders when he allowed a home run to Miguel Cabrera; a very lame game in that regard, and frankly a terrific example of how sorry the win-loss assignment rules really are. Whatever, the Angels won, and their magic number is down to seven, with no help from the Mariners, who fell to Texas 6-4.

K-Rod got his 54th save; at this rate, he'll be at 57 by the end of the week, though I hope they get some blowout wins to spare him a bit.

Yahoo boxAngels recap

Pounding The Padres: Dodgers 8, Padres 4

I caught the tail end of this peering into Harry Caray's Pub in Wrigleyville and noticing Joe Beimel was on the mound for the Dodgers. Presuming it was late in the game, I reckoned it was the seventh or so, but no, it was the ninth, and the thing was practically over. Clayton Kershaw got a win against a weak team by going seven frames, so good for him in that he saves his erstwhile rotation-mates some wear and tear; with Brad Penny still on the DL, it's conceivable that should he turn things around, he could be a legitimate postseason roster call.

Blake DeWitt homered, and good on him. Kershaw took a no-hitter into the fifth, which would have made him the youngest Dodger since Fernando Valenzuela to pull off such a stunt had he pulled it off.

Yahoo boxDodgers recap

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I use all three platforms in some part of my life, and I just installed Chrome on my laptop running XP, and find it runs Gameday about 10x faster than Firefox. Granted, I work at Google, but not on Chrome, nor am I propagandist. But I am finding it light and fast.

I can guarantee you that Googlers want the Mac & Linux versions just as much as you and me. They're coming.

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