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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Two Games

Hokie Joe Makes 15: Angels 3, White Sox 2

I confess, I stopped watching this one, mostly, after Joe Saunders gave up his second home run of the game to Toby Hall. Hall, in case you forgot, was the guy whose whining about not starting as a Dodger didn't earn him a starting job with the Chisox either.

Yet, the Angels regrouped, tied it in the sixth on a Torii Hunter double and a Juan Rivera scoring groundout, and took the lead in a fairly unimpressive eighth, where all they managed to do with a bases-loaded, one-out scenario is score a single run. Frankie made it stand up for his 55th save, but not without giving up a one-out single to Paul Konerko first.

With a 7-2 Boston win over Texas, the Angels' magic number is three. Oakland was also eliminated today, leaving Texas as the last team standing.

Yahoo boxAngels recap

Dodgers Sweep, Pull 1.5 Games Ahead: Dodgers 5, Diamondbacks 3

Another one I totally missed because we were entertaining guests, there apparently was some drama at the end as Jonathan Broxton closed out the game.

This is not a team that would lead you to believe they could win the division, even if the Snakes don't apparently want it, either. They've gone on long losing streaks before.

Yahoo boxDodgers recap

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key play in the Halo's Victory was Dye's decision in the 8th to catch a long foul, allowing the winning third run to tag and score.

ALL the baseball players/managers/Sox announcers from both sides had the same PC consensus - Dye did the right thing by catching it.

i would have let it drop- catching it guaranteed the go-ahead run would score late in the game with Shields/Arrendo and Frankie ahead.

as for the NL, I still think the Snake will pull it out (they now have the almighty "X" factor we know and love) and the better SP,

....but i think its the Rocks who want it most though they faded a bit.

Adam Dunn has been quite the surprise too. Not as good as Tex needless to say, but after seeing him more now everyday, I'd rather have seen him than Kotch at 1b in Anaheim the last half of '08. If you hadn't noticed, Kotch has sucked since the trade (before the bereavement), though I wish him the best still.

And i'm still looking for a pic of Dunn and Eck standing side-by-side, lol.

Finally, while I'm at being non PC pimping the DBacks and idssing Dye, and its the Pale Sox we're talking about today: i still love the Hawk as an announcer - he's got to be my favorite after Scully nd the Enberg years. Homer, yes, but fun to listen too!

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