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Friday, October 03, 2008

The Angels Plan On Losing Tonight

No, really, Mickey Hatcher is telling the guys to swing away at one of the pitchers most likely to walk a batter:
If Matsuzaka had to pitch against his teammates, he would wilt in the third or fourth inning. The Boston Red Sox would take a ball, take a strike, take a ball, take a strike, take him out early.

He will excuse himself in the middle innings, if you let him. He led the American League in walks. No major league starter has ever won at least 18 games and pitched as few innings as he did this season -- 168, or fewer than six innings per start.

And the walk is the best bet to beat him, a better bet than a hit parade. He also led the league by holding opponents to a .211 batting average, including .164 with runners in scoring position and .000 (0 for 14) with the bases loaded.

Yet the Angels plan to play to their strength, not prey on the weakness of the opponent. Mickey Hatcher, the Angels' batting coach, said he will not hold a hitters' meeting this afternoon to emphasize the take sign.

"You want them to step in the box and be able to do something," Hatcher said. "You don't want them to step in the box and say, 'We're going to take a pitch, and then we're going to swing.' "

Maybe, as some are suggesting in the BTF thread, this is misinformation. But it's consistent with the Angels' overall stupid approach. Fire Mickey Hatcher.
A shocking quote from Mike Scioscia: Justin Speier entered the home clubhouse wearing flippers and carrying a Boogie board during yesterday's practice.
Mike Scioscia waded from his office. He took a long, thin-lipped look at Speier and snorted, “Your next set of flippers are going to be made out of cement.”
A little testy, are we Mike?

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Me thinks Speiers just screwed the pooch with Scioscia.

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