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Monday, October 06, 2008

The Other Games

Phillies Advance: Phillies 6, Brewers 2

Pat Burrell and former Dodger Jayson Werth both homered in the four-run third, and that was enough to carry the Phillies to their first NLCS since 1993. Burrell got a second jack in the eighth, a solo shot that just added an exclamation point on a fine series for him; he went 3-for-4 with four RBIs in yesterday's game. Prince Fielder also homered, but it was a case of too little, too late; Joe Blanton held the Brewers scoreless through six innings, giving up one run in six innings (the run was actually a leadoff shot in the top of the seventh), and Philadelphia's bullpen kept the lead without too much fuss the rest of the way.

Dylan Hernandez of the Times raised an interesting point about the Dodgers' next opponents: unlike the right-handed-heavy Cubs, the Phils have a much more balanced attack, and the Dodgers won't be bringing a lefty to the mound in the whole series.

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Chisox Stave Off Elimination: White Sox 5, Rays 3

I actually saw a good bit of this game on a day I had vowed not to watch baseball, and instead work on assembling the router table I bought a couple weeks ago. I eventually did do that, but not before seeing the Sox take a 4-1 lead on DeWayne Wise's two-run double in the fourth. I was pretty certain the Sox' pen ought to be able to hold that lead, and sure enough. I find myself rooting a little bit for the White Sox in this one, for two reasons: first, I confess that I really like Chicago's new radio team of Ed Farmer and Steve Stone, the latter "resigning" from his job on the Northside a few years ago after making some extremely tough but reasonable comments following a bout of Cubs ineptitude. The other reason is that if, in that far distant chance, the Angels should miraculously come back and win this series, the very last thing I want is for Vlad to be making plays on Astroturf.

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