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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mariners Name Don Wakamatsu New Manager

The Seattle Times reports that the Mariners have hired Don Wakamatsu as their new manager. USSM is pleased with the move:
... I still think we should be encouraged by this hiring. Not necessarily because we have any reason to think that Wakamatsu will be one of those few that make a significant positive impact, but because of the way this entire process was handled. I know a lot of you were concerned when Zduriencik was hired that this was just going to be more of the same, with huge amounts of micro-managing from Armstrong and Lincoln, and a perpetuation of old school, 20th century ways of running an organization.
Wakamatsu was the team's Oakland's former bench coach under outgoing manager Jim Riggleman.

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Actually, I'm pretty sure he was the bench coach in Oakland
Just so. Fixed.

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