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Friday, December 12, 2008

Phillies Kiss Pat Burrell Goodbye; Arte, Are You Listening?

Apparently the Phillies have given up on Pat Burrell with the Raul Ibanez signing, making him a free agent. Small sample size, but get a load of Burrell's bizarro-land reverse splits: .230/.348/.439 at home, and .270/.387/.577 on the road. The guy's going to be 32 next year, is probably headed to irrelevance, but he's not the headliner that Manny Ramirez is. He's got a reputation as a serious butcher with the glove, but was Reggie Willits — or anyone else the Angels had designs on — going to be any better? On a two- or three-year deal (maybe with a team option), he might just be the best outfield option for the Angels — which makes me wonder what the devil the Phils were thinking in signing Ibanez over Burrell, considering the age difference.

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Does Burrell have attitude issues or something? Not watching a lot of Phillies games, I'm uncertain why folks dog this guy so much. Sure, he's slow and is an inconsistent fielder, but over the past four seasons, he's averaged 100+ walks and 30+ HRs per season. And he's only looking for what Ibanez got: three years, $10M per.

If the Halos play him half the games at DH, he seems like a (relatively) cheap and low-risk option for a player who will be 35 at the end of the contract.
Stupidest move eve. Burrell is 4 years younger, higher OBP, higher SLG, and more power. Its not even an upgrade defensively, same exact defensive player as Pat. At least the Dodgers didnt sign Ibanez to a record setting deal.
Just speculation, but I think it's the typical love/hate relationship that Phillies fans have with the team. They chased Curt Schilling out of the fold ... not like he isn't without his barbs, but c'mon ...

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