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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tony Jackson: Giants Frontrunners For CC Sabathia?

It could be so:
The word around here is that Giants officials are supremely confident that they are going to sign the big lefty, this despite the fact they are already paying all that money to Barry Zito.
It would make a lot of sense, frankly. Sabathia is from the Bay Area, and they're the only team of the two there with sufficient funds to pay him, even with Zito's contract.

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Seems like the Angels should make the big play here. Tying up Sabathia and picking up the less sought after Burrell for something like three years $30-35M seems like a decent alternative to the Boras showpiece. At least you know what you're getting with Burrell: a terrific eye, consistent power, inconsistent contact, and mediocre fielding. I'd just as soon as have Burrell through age 35 than tie up the team with an eight year contract in Teix.

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