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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Is "Sucking At Color Commentary" A Crime?

A bizarre but all-too-believable episode at LAX from the Future of Freedom Foundation:
Airport drug-courier profiles disproportionately target blacks and Hispanics. Even superstars can fall victim to the profiles. Baseball Hall of Famer Joe Morgan was making a phone call after getting off a flight from Oakland and waiting for a flight to Tucson at the Los Angeles International Airport. A Los Angeles policeman approached him, demanded to see identification, and then, according to Morgan, grabbed him from behind, shoved him to the floor, and handcuffed him. Morgan stated that the policeman told him that he was an "authority figure" and that he would teach Morgan "what authority was all about."

When a spectator told the policeman that Morgan was a "great baseball player," the policeman warned the bystander not to interfere. Morgan was dragged to a small nursery nearby for interrogation; police released him after realizing their mistake. The Los Angeles police later sought to justify the arrest by saying that they were searching for an accomplice of a suspected drug courier they had just collared (who was later found to have no drugs on him). William Barnes, Morgan's attorney, later observed, "There's no doubt in our mind that the only reason they stopped Joe Morgan was because he is black and he was the first black who happened to come by."

Update: And before anyone says anything more about this, this episode is quite old, occurring on March 15, 1988. I didn't know about it before I read the linked article, and missed the date on it. Sorry for the confusion.



I assume you know this is old news. Not sure why you are bringing it up again.
It may be an old news, but this sort of thing still happens often enough--and we don't hear about it if it's not Joe Morgan. As much as I think Morgan is annoying, stuff like this reminds me to keep giving to ACLU and NRA.
New to me!
You did notice the dateline on the piece is 1999, didn't you? Not that it still isn't an outrageous story...but you had me thinking this just happened for a minute there.
Actually, not until after the first commenter mentioned it, no.
man, this is like 15-20 years ago!

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