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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Angels Shut Down Lackey, Citing Elbow Tightness

The Angels have shut down John Lackey due to elbow tightness, putting his opening day start in jeopardy.
Lackey opened the 2008 season on the disabled list because of biceps tendinitis, but he said he didn't believe this injury is as serious. He did not undergo an MRI test and has been undergoing treatment since last pitching against the Kansas City Royals on Sunday.
Update: The Register reports it as forearm tightness.
So, to recap the rotation –
  • Lackey — forearm/elbow tightness
  • Santana — sprained elbow ligament
  • Weaver — inflammation/sore shoulder before arriving in camp
  • Saunders — tightness in the back of his shoulder early in camp
  • Escobar — strained calf muscle (and that whole ‘major shoulder surgery’ thing)
  • Adenhart — stomach flu for a couple days
  • Moseley/Loux — couldn’t afford to miss a turn this spring.

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I think a trade from our IF/OF depth for pitching depth is imperative now.

I've heard a Matthews-for-Igawa trade proposed elsewhere. That seems about right, one high-risk expensive contract for another.
If Thompson was a viable option in the rotation he'd have a job for sure.
I'm beginning to think that MLB teams in general have no idea how to suggest/enforce training regimens in the offseason. As far as I'm concerned, if you're an athlete making $millions, you need to be training all year, period. There's really no excuse for players to be out of shape or otherwise not ready come spring training.

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