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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Sad End Of Vin Scully

There's something utterly, horribly inappropriate about Bill Plaschke being the one to announce Vin Scully's retirement; it's almost as if your alcoholic uncle who borrowed large and unpaid sums of money from your recently deceased father were allowed to also deliver the eulogy at his funeral.

So, Scully will be with us through 2010, and then no more; then it's back to the relentless, ordinary, and at times, clumsy duo in the booth yesterday, Steve Lyons and Eric Collins. I have normally been a proponent of the idea that there are plenty of triple-A broadcasters who could do a competent job in the booth, but Collins has underscored the difficulties with that line of thinking. To me, he's polished but never outstanding, while Lyons reminds me too much of the flaws that Bob Brenly brings to the Cubs broadcasts. While this story isn't finished yet — and I never thought I would openly pine for the return of Charley Steiner to the TV booth, but I do — it seems like the Dodgers are in for a number of years of mediocrity in the booth. At least they'll have a good team, barring any catastrophic trades.

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Oh LORD! How naive I am that we would hear the warm soft fascinating baritone gems of Vinny until he took his last breath. There's nobody smoother in the booth than the voice of summer who transcends what baseball commentary is all about. Until I read this, it never occurred to me that he would EVER retire. After all, he lives and breaths and bleeds Dodger Blue more so than all his fans combined. This is sad news indeed.....Now I will enjoy Season 2010 and savor every moment more so...no matter what Division place we come in...So Long and Farewell and Good Luck to a Great man who has provided us so many many great memories over the last 60 years...... Glee less in Glendale...Judy

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