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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Meta: Back, After A Fashion

Those of you left who are friends on Facebook know I've been back from my vacation for going on a week and a half now, but I haven't really felt compelled to talk much about what's going on for either the Dodgers or Angels; both teams seem to be mainly making bad decisions in the player acquisition departments, with the Dodgers taking a bit of an edge in that department: As welcome as this late activity is for the Dodgers, it's not really enough to salvage their season (as wag Jay Jaffe put it, "EVERYTHING MUST GO AT CRAZY NEDDIE'S!!!" This was a team that wasn't going anywhere near the trade deadline and mistakenly became buyers. They're now 64-62, in fourth place in a five-team division and twelve games out of the division.

The Angels haven't been quite as nutsy (and frankly counterproductive) as the Dodgers, though it's probably closer than I'd like to admit (speaking as a season ticket holder). The big acquisition was Dan Haren from Arizona for Joe Saunders, minor league pitchers Rafael Rodriguez and southpaw Patrick Corbin, and a PTBNL. I'm running a bit short of time at the moment, so I haven't heard the identity of the PTBNL yet, but the fact that Haren has another year on his contract is a net positive. But at ten games out of the division and three games under .500, the Angels just aren't going anywhere this year, and they needed something for next year, too. It's nice to see them recognize this, but at the same time, the offense is going to be a disaster next year, too.

Anyway, I inadvertently picked up a copy of Doug Glanville's The Game From Where I Stand, which looks to be an interesting book. I probably won't be writing much in this space for the balance of the season, unless something juicy comes up, such as news about the McCourts' divorce. Hope you all have a fine end of the season, and for me, I'm rooting for a Padres/Rays World Series.

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Rob, I know I for one have missed your commentary greatly. The PTBNL in the Haren deal was Tyler Skaggs, a very highly rated prospect, but it's worth noting that Haren (who has experienced success pitching in the AL) is under contract through 2013. However good Skaggs winds up being, he might not even make it to the majors before Haren's deal expires.

I just got Glanville's book too, and I'm looking forward to reading it. I never met the man, but we were at the same University at the same time, and a buddy of mine got to pitch against him while trying out for the team one year.

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