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Friday, September 24, 2010

Elimination: White Sox 2, Angels 1

So much I could say about tonight's game: wasted opportunities, a team with lots of hustlin' slap-hitters who couldn't. Brandon Wood and Mark Trumbo, who ought to strike fear in the hearts of opposing pitchers, but now only provoke mirth.

And Fernando Rodney to provide the ultimate punchline.

Adding insult to injury, the grill back of home plate changed their menu again! The gal working the stand said it was the fourth time this season, leaving me once again without a favorite dish at the park.

So many reasons to hate this season, and none to think that, even with Kendry next year, they'll contend. Too many holes in too many places. It's just joyless coming to the park. The official attendance was 41,046, but if 30,000 were there I'd eat my Angels cap.

I wonder when they start asking for season ticket renewals.


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I'm a lot more optimistic for next season. Kendry will make a significant difference. Having more Haren and less Saunders also should help. There are a number of young, hard throwing relievers who could potentially take innings away from Rodney. Finally, I'm pretty sure they'll do SOMEthing. It might not be much, but I don't think they'll put up with a .185 average from 3B next year.

Every team in the AL West has significant flaws; it won't take much to contend next year.

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