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Monday, October 11, 2010

Dodgers Announce Season Ticket Prices

Roberto Baly passes on the Dodgers' 2011 season ticket prices, with price hikes for left field pavilion and top deck seats, with other seat prices declining or remaining the same.
The primary areas that will see an increase in season-ticket prices are the front row of each deck and the first four rows of the Left Field Pavilion, which have become the most coveted seating areas in their respective sections. In all instances where prices increase, season-ticket holders will be offered additional benefits, including free tickets to games on lower levels, Stadium Club passes and complimentary Spring Training tickets.

In the top deck, season tickets will return to 1992 pricing of $6, rather than the $4 per seat at which they have been offered recently. Officials said the approach to Top Deck pricing was driven by a no-show rate of more than twice the other areas in the ballpark.

The difference between the $6 and $4 price I don't see as a huge deal. I expect the comments from the press release about the "no-show rate" is code for "scalper", which is always a problem for any team, because butts in the seats buy food, but empty seats don't.



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