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Monday, November 08, 2010

Joe Morgan Finally Fired As ESPN Launches New Sunday Night Baseball Team

Joe Morgan and Jon Miller will no longer call ESPN Sunday Night Baseball games. The sports network is pulling the plug on its association with Joe Morgan, while giving Jon Miller the radio desk duties for that same game. The new team will consist of Dan Shulman calling the game with Orel Hirsheiser performing color commentary.


Orel Hershiser won't be with ESPN very long. Bulldog will be the redhead who replaces Vin Scully in the Dodger announcing booth a season or two down the road.
You think? He sounded very raw to me listening to him this postseason. My suspicion, based on what the Dodgers have done with all their other iterations of their non-Scully broadcast booths, is that they will have a duo broadcasting, and while Hersheiser might be one of those, he won't be solo.
Touche, Rob! I tab Hershiser to be half of the duo that take over Dodger broadcasting chores when Vinny hangs up his microphone.

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