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Friday, December 03, 2010

Transaction Central

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Re: Tulo...

But, they had him locked up until 2015 already. They had him at reasonable salaries already through age 31. WTF is the point of guaranteeing a guy at a premium defensive position $20 million per year starting in 2015?

Just seems really risky to me. If he falls off a cliff they are on the hook for another $120 million now that they weren't the other day. Best case scenario is that he is worth the deal. He can't out perform the money, can he? The Rox took on ALL the risk here.
Jim -- I was thinking about this when I got your message at dinner. I think you have a good point, but I'm not sure how good. It's a calculated risk by the Rocks that they will essentially retire the first Hall of Famer in a Rockies uniform.
Right, that's their upside. But, it's really risky. How much will salaries inflate in 4+ years? 20%? If so, they maybe saved $25 million. What if salaries stay flat-ish?

They just didn't need to do tis now. Could have done this in another offseason before 2015 and probably gotten a similar deal.

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