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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mike Scioscia's 1,000th Win: Angels 6, Indians 5

One of the sad things about owning season tickets is the inevitability of being unable to attend games that you really want to. We couldn't be at yesterday's loss with Jered Weaver on the mound because we had an engagement to see the terrific Thrilling Adventure Hour in Hollywood, so the loss, while unfortunate, didn't carry quite the meaning it might have. (It also helped that the Angels' two-game lead on Friday gave the team a little cushion when the Rangers beat the Yankees 7-5.)

I could bore you with the details of this game; the Angels mounted not one but two thrilling comebacks, the first in the sixth after having been blanked by Tribe starter Fausto Carmona. The whole damned thing, in fact, started with two out, as did both Angels rallies. A double by Alberto Callaspo, an infield single by Howie Kendrick, and a single up the middle by Hank Conger got the Angels their first lead of the day.

That wasn't enough to guarantee a win, as Fernando Rodney erased Dan Haren's potential win by surrendering a couple runs in the eighth — he'll never be reliable, and keeps reminding me of Antonio Alfonseca, or maybe more relevant to recent Angels history, Esteban Yan: a one-trick fireballer with a tendency to fall apart with repeated exposure.

Well, no matter: the Halos came back and got 'er done, albeit once again with two outs, this time in the eighth. Peter Bourjos (infield single) and Erick Aybar (booming double to left center) were the heroes of the afternoon, and though Jordan Walden wasn't brilliant — surrendering a run to Asdrubal Cabrera's RBI double — he managed to finish out the game without further damage. Thanks to a 12-5 Yankees rout of Texas, the Angels are back to a two-game lead in the division. Well, hip, hip, hoooray, especially as it was Mike Scioscia's 1,000th's career win as a manager.

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