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Friday, June 17, 2011

McCourts Announce A Settlement

Via Abort McCourt, Frank and Jamie have reached a settlement, which is contingent on MLB approving the Fox TV deal. A sad coda from the ensuing presser with Frank:
The settlement is contingent upon Major League Baseball's approval of a long-term television contract with Fox. Would he sue if MLB rejects the contract?

"I fully expect MLB to approve the Fox transaction. MLB has taken the position that, before they approved the transaction, they wanted to see either a settlement of the divorce, or Jamie's consent, or an order from the judge. Today, they received all three. I fully expect that they will be good to their word, and they'll approve the transaction in a timely way."

I hope and trust he is wrong, and MLB crushes the contract, as ESPN's Molly Knight has suggested:
But it's highly unlikely MLB would approve the TV deal, a source told Knight, in part because Gordon could force a sale of the team and saddle a new owner with what could be a below-market television contract in the future.

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