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Friday, July 01, 2011

It's All Frankruptcy, All The Time

When I started this blog in 2004 — seven years ago! — my main aim was to see Frank and Jamie to the door, and hopefully to restore sane ownership to the team I grew up cheering for. Even though events of the last year or so have pushed toward new ownership, there hasn't been a single break that would signal the end of the McCourt era. Instead, we suffer through many small ones, watching the franchise be cut, not in two, but with a thousand small nicks, as a man at a bloodletting.

It seems to me that two openings are possible at the end of all this: either we are stuck with Frank or we are not. In the latter case, the all but uniform desire of Dodgers fans, we are left with an unknown owner or owners, though hopefully better capitalized and more intelligent and resourceful. But in the former case, we get slow dissipation by overleverage. Too, such an outcome must necessarily come at the cost of the near-total evisceration of the Commissioner's office; what penalty could he then bring against a truly rogue owner?

I cheer, as always, for the second option, for new owners no matter their quirks, hoping against hope that the team isn't delivered into a different sort of hell.

On to the day's bullet points (I was sick yesterday):

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