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Friday, September 30, 2011

Tony Reagins Fired Resigns

Per the Rays broadcast. Updates as I find them.

Update: Mike DiGiovanna reports he resigned. Arte Moreno:

#Angels Arte Moreno, in release: "We remained short of our objective in winning championship. In moving forward, we felt change was needed."
Reagins will remain with the team as a special assistant.

Update 2: LAT story.

Update 3: NBC Hardball Talk's Matthew Poulliot briefly reviews Reagins' tenure as GM, and reminds us of the expensive, ineffective bullpens he constructed (<cough> Brian Fuentes <cough>) in addition to the catastrophic Wells/Napoli trade.

More at the Register, whose Bill Plunkett reminds us of the name Scott Kazmir.

Update 4: Scott Miller at CBS Sports:

Moreno got years of great publicity after the first thing he did as owner was lower stadium beer prices, but his ownership clearly is at a crossroads right now. Though he talks the talk of winning championships, he's consistently failed in the free agent market over the past several winters: Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, Carl Crawford and Adrian Beltre, among others.

Bottom line, the Angels' actions jibe with their words less and less frequently. The organization has become soulless, and disingenuous.

I'm inclined to agree. Arte's public pronouncements before this last offseason were something of an embarrassment, and I wonder if that didn't drive the suicidal pursuit of Wells.

Update 5: Mike DiGiovanna's long-form piece includes a great deal of speculative analysis (no, Billy Beane isn't coming down here), and the following meatier bit:

John Carpino, the team's president, said he and Moreno were "a little bit surprised" by the resignation of Reagins, who will remain with the club as a special assistant to team Chairman Dennis Kuhl.

"Tony and I had a long conversation [Friday] morning, and for most part, yeah, this wasn't the plan," Carpino said. "It was a collective decision, and Tony was part of the decision-making process."

Carpino said a search for Reagins' successor will begin immediately and that the next GM would probably come from outside the organization. He would like to have someone in place in November, when players can file for free agency.

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