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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mark Saxon: Angels, Hire Kim Ng

Mark Saxon, whose work at ESPN LA I don't link to nearly enough, has a good piece on why the Angels should hire Kim Ng as their next GM:
Ng might be able to protect the Angels from themselves, to convince them not to make the one bad financial decision that could set the franchise back for years to come. If only they’d hired her earlier, maybe they wouldn’t have played last season under the crushing weight of more than $50 million in bad contract obligations.
It's my considered opinion that whoever ends up in the GM chair will have as their first order of business a staking of territory. Scioscia may have an umpty-year deal with the team, but he's not king, and a fresh set of eyes can only help. Ken Rosenthal tweeted earlier in the day that Andrew Friedman is the Angels' top choice, but one can hold out hope that Ng will make it in as a GM, if not for the Angels, then for another team.

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Wow, from Saxon's description Ng sounds like just what the Angels need. I'd of course heard of her when she was with the Dodgers, and heard good things about her in general, but this is the first time I've heard any specifics. I think she just might be a perfect fit.

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