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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Bill Dwyre Reminds Us Again Why We Still Hold The LAT's Sports Section In Contempt

I confess, the giddiness of the last few days still hasn't entirely worn off. It being this blog's raison d'être was originally to see the McCourts chased to the curb, and here we are now, at a sort of Mardi Gras for Dodgers fans, the noisome pest formerly vexing us agreeing to exit the city and the stage. Perhaps we are not entirely done with him; one could imagine him and Jamie retaining one each of their fabulous mansions in Malibu or Holmby Hills and still having cash left over if the billion-dollar-plus sale price fantasies do indeed bail out the pair of moneygrubbing carpetbaggers.

But what we are not done with, and probably won't be until the smoking hulk of the Times finally sinks into the Pacific, is that paper's absurdly bad sportswriting. When the guy who is was* running the section pens a thumbsucker that manages to get all the bits wrong about blogging ("this generation of sports critics who have a pair of pajamas, a laptop and a basement to type from"), as though the Times weren't repurposing paid columnists for that very same shopworn locution. Ditto his whitewashing years of Bill Plaschke columns that bag on the commish for exactly the same thing he complains about bloggers complaining about. I suppose this counts as a sort of signal flare to see if anyone is still reading the damned things, and if so, he made his mark; but you can equally see how Dwyre thought TJ Simers, and especially, Plaschke were worth bringing in.

Update: I should add that Mike Petriello of MSTI tweeted me that the LAT has no room to complain about filthy dirty hippies bloggers, as they share space with some of the least credible — okay, I'll say it — worst — in the business, Bleacher Report.

Strange, but on the same day, Times emeritus writer Ross Newhan stumped for a Pulitzer nomination for Bill Shaikin, who truly deserves it. At this point, it is vital to take a light saber and cut the Times' reporting — which is good and, in their coverage of the McCourt case, excellent — and slice it away from the offal that is their sports columnists.

*Apparently, no longer in charge there, per Jon.

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Well, at least there's Shaikin.
Dwyre isn't running the section anymore, though, it's worth noting - he's a columnist but no longer sports editor.
Fixed above.

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