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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Shiny Object In God Mode

At this point, superprospect Mike Trout is the shiny object I'm using to distract myself from what is an otherwise crappy season for the Halos.
— Paco Torres
It is increasingly clear that the Angels' season is lost. With last night's loss, they are on pace for a 68-win season, meaning they have to play winning ball the balance of the year (or enough more) to even make .500. Angels fans must therefore content ourselves with knowing they have arguably the best rookie anywhere, Mike Trout, and he is in God mode:
This is a classic case of a guy ignoring a big thing to focus on a little thing. The big thing is a dinger, the little thing is an infield single, and the guy is me. But think about what we have here. Mike Trout is going to hit home runs, and in fact he's slugging .605. Mike Trout is also going to hit infield singles and steal a lot of bases. Mike Trout makes an above-average amount of contact. Mike Trout's wielding a skillset without a weakness. Mike Trout is a video game boss with no spot glowing orange, so you shoot and you shoot and you shoot until it kills you.
Mark Trumbo's offense is equally golden — more of a surprise in his case — but the rest of the team is a joke, and an expensive one at that.



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