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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The New Chaos: On Arte Moreno's Hyperactive Ownership

I read with no surprise, sadly, that the Angels had just barely missed the postseason (old news), and that Jerry Dipoto resigned after years of arguing with Mike Scioscia (even older news) to be replaced, temporarily, with Bill Stoneman, GM emeritus, returning to that role. So when former also-ran and Yankee front office product Billy Eppler won the job, it took me a bit to realize something fairly important: Eppler is now the fifth general manager the Angels have had in the Arte Moreno era (fourth if you count Stoneman's two terms as one). You think the Gene Autry era was tumultuous, what with its loud personalities and poor decision-making skills? The worst they managed was three GMs in as many years, from 1991 through 1993. Arte's got a problem, and whether it's in the mirror, or the field manager having too much power, or both, the echoes of the old, bad teams from the early 1990's are impossible to ignore.

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Except unlike the early '90s, we have the added tragedy of watching the best years of one of the best players in history be wasted.

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