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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Cy Who? Dodgers Win Gagné Arbitration

The Dodgers won Gagné's arbitration case, but I'm already thinking like an A's fan: we're going to lose him, just like we're going to lose any of our other stars (whoever they might eventually be), because McCheap can't afford them in the long haul. Bud Selig and all the owners are very, very bad men for saddling us with that deal.

Meantime, In St. Louis: Albert Pujols is reported to have a 7-year, $100M deal done. It may be a lonely ride for Albert much of that time; the Cards' farm system is in shambles now, Jim Edmonds is looking towards retirement, and the Cubs have arguably the best young starters in the game. I wouldn't want to be a Cards fan over the next few years; it's gonna get brutal.


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