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Saturday, February 14, 2004

A Minor Connection

I found out Friday that a co-worker's cousin is actually in the Angels' minor league system, Nick Gorneault. BA ranked him as an "emerging prospect". On the other hand, Future Angels' Stephen Smith said on the Angels' fan board that
He's not a selective hitter and has always been a bit old for his leagues. He turns 25 in April but has never played above Double-A. He has the versatility to play all three outfield positions; if he ever gets to the majors, it'll be as a utility outfielder, nothing more.
Well, interesting stuff. Gorneault got an invite to AFL -- usually a sign the organization thinks highly of him. So this is very strange. Gorneault earned an invitation to Angels spring training this year -- another good sign. If we get lucky, we might get to see him.


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