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Saturday, February 14, 2004

The One Place A-Rod's Salary Isn't An Issue

... is the one place he can finally call his natural home: the Yankees, quoth the New York Post. For Soriano and a minor league pitcher.

Happy Valentine's Day, Boston. You'll love this...


  1. Look out, Angels. The Rangers now have some breathing room, especially now that Chan Ho Park is back on the mound and throwing again. With some pitching, they could be dangerous. Minus Payrod, they're less offensive, though. Their evaluations of pitching hasn't been so good down in Arlington (a flyball pitcher?).
  2. Opportunity lost, Dodgers: unloading Beltre to the Yanks.
  3. Opportunity gained, Dodgers: moving OP for some offensive help (Texeira, maybe?).
  4. Bosox fans, look at the bright side: in a few years, the Yanks will become the Mets of the AL East. Pray for injuries.


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