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Monday, March 22, 2004

Angels, Tempe Both Looking For Greener Pastures

Arte's made some noise about prematurely vacating their lease on their spring training facility at Tempe Diablo Stadium. Take this for what it is, an unverified report, but I happened upon a fellow today who claims he formerly managed the Diablo Stadium, and the nonprofit that runs it actually was hoping the Angels would leave. The principle reason for this was the Angels are a warm-weather team, and snowbirds are a better revenue source... they had started negotiations with the Chisox, which came to a halt once Arte realized the difficulty of moving everything all at once. While it looks like now Arte's pulled a fast one on the Arizona state legislature, getting them to pay for a new training facility on his property without having to find somebody to replace the Tempe facility the Chisox were using, I can't commend this kind of "public-private partnership", as the rifling of the public till is so frequently called.

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