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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Cubs 1, A's 0

Yesterday was the only night game we'll see here. It's too bad, because the weather doesn't look all that cooperative for the rest of the week. While we're getting a bit more of a respite at this very moment than the weatherman predicted earlier -- 77 degree temps versus mid-to-high-80's -- I'm not optimistic it will last. That and the fact that the returning high thin clouds mark an increase in humidity that seems to be taking away whatever advantages we had from the decline in temperature. (Hah. Yahoo Weather seems to think it's only 27% humidity outside, but it feels wetter than that, for what it's worth.)

Well, if Sunday's game was slow and seemingly required 1,934 pitches to complete, last night's game was a record-setter for speed. Greg Maddux took the mound for the Cubs, and Mark Mulder for the A's, making for five innings of 1-2-3 ball on both sides, or nearly so. Mark Grudzielanek contributed an error for the Cubs, but the threat passed harmlessly, as both pitchers had solid outings. 25-man-roster-wannabe Scott McLain jacked in the only run off A's reliever Justin Duscherer. McLain's having a fantastic spring, and now leads the Cubs in homers. Angels fans will no doubt be disappointed to learn that Mulder's hip problems from late last year seem to be a thing of the past, and he's ready to terrorize our lineup once again. Also, A's Moneyball prospect Nick Swisher had a couple good at bats against the Cubs, most notably his last versus closer Michael Wuertz, fouling off a number of pitches.


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