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Friday, April 30, 2004

Taking A Long Walk Off A Short Pierzynski

Thanks to Pearly Gates for this story in the Oakland Tribune about loudmouth, boor, and now apparent clubhouse cancer A. J. Pierzynski. Not only is his work ethic suspect -- he refused to watch videos of opposing pitchers prior to a game in the Florida series -- but word got back from Padres outfielder Phil Nevin that A.J. was badmouthing the team's pitching staff to Padre hitters.
"You know he's an abrasive person, and you tolerate it," a Giants pitcher said, "but when you're around it this long, it starts to wear you out."
You can say that again, especially when the team's having trouble scoring runs to begin with, your catcher's OPS is one of the worst on the team, his average is nearly 100 points off his career number, and he calls for the wrong pitch (Lowell homered in the 9th to win the game last night).

Chemistry doesn't matter if you're winning, but its absence sure makes losing unbearable.


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