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Friday, May 14, 2004


Every now and then I like to taunt the jackasses of the sporting press, such as they may be, about their obvious idiocy and failure to pay attention, dammit. One such came across the transom from one column by "JT the Brick":
McCourt was accused of only being interested in the real estate value of Dodger Stadium in L.A. and Dodger Town in Florida. He got ripped for hiring a young general manager in Paul De Podesta, who had experience in finding undervalued and unwanted talent that other teams were willing to dump. Sports talk radio hosts would base their shows around making fun of McCourt and the future of the 2004 Dodgers.
Well, we can't help guys like Plaschke who go off half-cocked. So far, hiring DePodesta has looked like an eminently sensible move, a rarity for Frank-n-Jamie, but fair's fair, and we here at 6-4-2 have to grudgingly accept the good with the bad, even if it comes from an veteran knucklehead. That is, it's hard to be anything less than grateful when he takes the advice of we lowly bloggers seriously (i.e., shut up, Frank).
And surprise, surprise, the Dodgers began Thursday with the best record in baseball (22-10) and won six games in a row.
Well, gee, after playing 33 games, I guess we can all go home now and declare the Dodgers world champeens, can't we? I mean, really now. Let's see just how much money Frank has in the 2004/2005 offseason, and whether they sign Gagné and Beltre. Jon might not think so, but it's still a real possibility that Beltre is a goner after this season. Debt service is a bitch, yanowaddimean?
Once washed-up pitcher Wilson Alvarez looks like he has found his old form. [Gee, he was that way last year, too, remember?] Adrian Beltre is batting .377 and will make the all-star team along with Paul Lo Duca, who is batting .386 while compiling 42 hits. Kazuhisa Ishii has already won five games and Eric Gagne has 10 saves and looks more dominant than last season.
Wilson was that way last year. Paulie's a well-known first-half performer. And which Gagné have you been watching? The one who had a strikeout rate lower than OP's two weeks into the season?
I applaud Frank McCourt for buying the Dodgers while other local real estate developers and movie stars held on to their money and criticized him behind closed doors. The sports media in L.A. doesn't have enough money combined to buy season tickets to the Dodgers let alone pick up the tab while the apologizing to Mr. and Mrs. McCourt in public.
Look, Jack, Eli Broad made a good faith bid long before Frank even was able to spell "Dodgers", but Fox turned him down -- remember? And the jury's still out -- in fact, they're taking an extended lunch break -- on the question of whether McCourt is anything like a good owner. Skepticism is the name of the game around here. A winning start doesn't mean he -- or the team -- can keep this up indefinitely. What happens if they swoon in September -- again?

We'll have to wait and see.

But none of that makes Frank a good owner.


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