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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Providing Trade And Comfort

So Andrew Brown is the PTNBL in the Bradley trade? Given the alternatives between him and Joel Hanrahan, I suppose I can live with it, but it seems, on its surface, very expensive, especially given Bradley's .252/.323/.432 line, not to mention his time spent on the DL. Does "cheap" make up for "ineffective"? And how good will this trade be if Gutierrez becomes the hitter Logan White's scouts projected him to be?

At Mariners Wheelhouse, Jeff speculates the M's will pick up Paulie next year based on his status as an aging vet with a quality if low-powered bat, and an unrepeatable career year behind him in 2001. The vitriol being hurled right now at Bavasi in the Mariners' blogosphere is intense and constant; the fear now has become that the team will bite at even more of the same toolsy-but-poor-hitting rookies at the trade deadline and even after the season's end. After the Looper/Ketchner for Cabrera deal, Bavasi's skills as a barterer of human flesh have legitimate reason to be called into question.

What I wonder about is DePodesta's.

Have we, as Dodger fans, been too willing to give him the benefit of a doubt because of the team's early success? I've said his moves looked good before. But how good do they look now that the PTNBL is Andrew Brown? DePo rooked Bavasi, it seems, on the Ketchner trade, but you never know until the kid makes it all the way up. Still, early returns are encouraging, with a 1.69 ERA, 7.98 K/9 and a 3.05 BB/9. So that's a big drop from his single-A numbers, but not unexpected. And what of Grabowski? His two-homer game aside, he's been mostly ineffective at the plate, spending more time at or below the Mendoza line than above it. Olmedo Saenz and José Hernandez have been good in limited action, but neither is the answer to any question aside from "Who should be in reserve?"

The jury's still out. But the fact is, the team needs help, and, apparently, sooner rather than later. We're waiting, DePo.

OPS: Saenz 1066, Hernandez 1019. And after getting comfortable, Grabowski is doing a 1133 this month. These are just bench players of course, but depodesta was installed as GM at an inopportune time to pick up players. The jury's still out, but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt for now. on another note, I can't believe I just saw slugging% being used in the L.A. times. ,mattkew
Saenz and Hernandez were both Dan Evans acquisitions. I guess you could argue that they "made the team" under DePo's watch, but he didn't actively recruit them. That was Evans' doing.

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