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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

A Real Baseball Primer: Angels 10, Boston 7

See Eck hit. Hit, Eck, hit!

See Figgy hit. Hit, Figgy, Hit!

See Vlad hit. Hit, Vlad... HIT!

How many things went wrong tonight? Well, Wash didn't stay in long enough to get the win. And I think some guys didn't get RBIs... oh, yeah, most of them. AK, 0-4.


Eck's up to .298 and 5-5 on the night. Figgy's at .299. The Human Walk Machine's at .330.

The bullpen was... man. Ortiz may have found his calling.

And Scioscia finally left K-Rod in.

Vlad... you rock. Now the proud owner of a 9 RBI night, a club record.



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