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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Dodgers 5, Giants 4

The fact that the Dodgers won seems almost immaterial here. Beating the Giants back by two games was nice, and greatly needed lest Paul DePodesta start his threatened dismantling of the team. Green homering off Schmidt came as a complete shock, as did Lima's four-run game -- a good outing for him -- but beating the Giants on a day Schmidt pitched qualifies as a good day.

So far as I'm concerned, though, Green can stay in the six-hole until he can prove today's homer isn't just a fluke. We still need a power hitter, something Red Sox fans are working overtime to dream up. (Thanks to Eric L. from Jon's game thread for that link.) The ready-for-prime-time version minus cuss words goes this way:

Sox Get: Carlos Delgado, Odalis Perez
Jays Get: Cesar Izturis, minor league pitching
Dodgers Get: Nomar and Kim
to which rational Dodger fans ask, whose minor league pitching and what are their names? The names Jackson, Miller, and Hanrahan have been kicked around so much you have to wonder which one(s) of them will end up in the Jays system in this fantasy. And -- wait for this one -- the Dodgers give up a superior young defensive shortstop who's finally starting to put it together at the plate for a veteran who's never recovered from his 2001 wrist injury? And a guy who's never been successful as either a starter or a closer? Uh... guys, don't give up the day jobs hoping to get hired by ESPN.

But back to the game. I said the win feels immaterial. The team needs to string together some wins. Let's see what happens this weekend against the Angels, who themselves need a good streak.


Saw the game last night and I agree it's only a starting point at best. Seemed like a much bigger game to the Dodgers than the Giants.

Lima did well, actually better than the box score showed. The scorer gave a hit on an absolute throwing error that Green should have caught leading to what should have been an unearned run.

Very bad choices to pitch to Bonds and then not walk Ruiz in the same inning to get to Schmidt. Bonds may have ultimately lost the game when he over ran the ball.

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Sorry to double up but I didn't think the first one went through. Screwed up Ruiz for Cruz anyway.


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