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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Mariners 6, Angels 2

Is Gregg out of practice? What's with those wild pitches? Mike's just on cruise control with the rhetoric:
"Right now, I don't know if there's anything that will make us incredibly better that's doable by Bill," Scioscia said. "And, hey, that's a championship-caliber ballclub in there."
Because, hey, championship-caliber ballclubs always give up runs on four wild pitches, tying major-league records.

As Richard pointed out yesterday, the Mariners suck. M's bloggers, please, don't take offense at the observation -- it's been true for months now, and everybody knows it. Mariner Optimist is still on strike, even though it's been over two months since his demand that the M's put together a string of five wins for him to reopen the doors.

What's scary is the Angels' next year. With literally millions tied up in non- or underperforming players -- here I'm thinking of Anderson, Salmon, Erstad, and Colon -- the 2005 Angels could be a fourth-place team in the AL West. Seattle won't be this bad next year; they're making the moves to unload some of the bad contracts.


Man, I hope you're not this pessimistic/cynical about your own personal life, Rob. Not that I'm saying I don't like reading your excellent blog. reading the negativity here with the blind optimism on the forums makes for a happy medium. ;)

But the Mariners don't suck as much as they did before the All-Star break.

Before the ASB, they had given up. You could see it in their faces. I commented on it at Wheelhouse.

Now, there's a different attitude around the team.

Plus, today you got to face Piñiero, who looks more and more like the second coming of Freddy Garcia.
I'm really worried about what a Felix Hernandez will do to the AL West. For a long time I thought the Angels trio of Kotchman, Mathis and McPherson, and pitchers Bobby Jenks and Ervin Santana, would be the cornerstones that would pull us into the front of the division after the A's started having to pay their aces at market rates, and the M's had to deal with their team's age. I'm not so sure anymore, especially with every single premier Angel pitching prospect (Jenks, Santana) having injury issues this year. Baseball America has downgraded their viewpoint on Bobby Jenks to essentially a superior reliever (whoop-de-do). For whatever reason, the Angels can't turn out quality starters. And that's a huge problem.

And of course, Casey Kotchman re-injured himself again.

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