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Monday, July 26, 2004

Pickoff Moves

Padres 3, Dodgers 0

The last time the Dodgers were shut out, it was a 13-0 laugher against the Angels, their fifth straight loss, exactly a month ago. Yesterday's game wasn't anything like that, though; Jeff Weaver continued pitching like he meant it, but Blue bats went suddenly silent. Today, to the launching pads of Colorado.


Nomo Feeling Better

In his bullpen session, and claims to be regaining strength. He threw all 41 pitches in his session Sunday, and will throw again Tuesday. If we could get him back for the second half, that would be great.

The Case For Tracy

Kevin Chavez in the Pasadena Star-News makes the case for keeping Jim Tracy after this year:
In every season, he has put the Dodgers in striking distance of the playoffs and there's really little else you can ask from your manager. It's just like with a starting pitcher. They just need to give their teams a chance to win and let the players take care of the rest.

Is it Jeff Weaver's fault that the Dodgers took a loss on Sunday? Of course not. He pitched a magnificent game, allowing just two runs in seven innings. But the rest of the players failed to get the job done and the team lost.

Is it Tracy's fault that the team has missed the playoffs in his first three years? Of course not. In that time he turned a team of overpriced malcontents into a contender.

Silly Trade Rumors

Another one, from the Minneapolis Star Tribune: Kris Benson for Casey Kotchman, straight up or on the rocks. The guys in Minneapolis apparently don't know Bill Stoneman, who's never seen a trade he liked. Of course, according to the Register, not only is that old news, but Stoneman turned down that trade a month ago. And yesterday, he quashed any rumors of proposed trades, saying
"Are there guys out there you would trade one of those guys for? Yes," Stoneman said. "Is it likely something like that will become available? Probably not."

Also, the New York papers once again fan the fires of Randy-lust among the Yankee dupes, claiming the Dodgers are in the race. Intradivision trade, hello?

Angels Goodyear, AZ Move Near Completion

The Times has the Angels' move to Goodyear, AZ nearly completed. Of course, this could all be talk; for this to work, the number of clubs might have to increase by one more, because Tempe would work to secure another club's spring training schedule.

Kotchman Down Again

Snake-bit? Whatever you want to call him, Casey Kotchman is just plain injury-prone. Stephen Smith says Kotchman re-injured his shoulder Friday and is day-to-day.

Florida's #1 Pick Wasted

Jeff Allison, the Marlins' number one draft pick, spent three days in the hospital from a heroin overdose. Makes the Matt Bush saga look pretty tame by comparison. (If you're reading this, thanks for the pick, KB.)


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