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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Pickoff Moves

Mikey Doesn't Like It, Either

Scioscia went into full-on bawling-out mode yesterday, telling the players to shape up:
What was the gist of Scioscia's message?

"That we've just got to play better," Kennedy said. "That's what he told us. We're capable of playing better, let's go out and do it."

It was probably no coincidence that Scioscia's outburst came moments after a Vladimir Guerrero baserunning gaffe that may have stifled a potential Angel rally in the top of the ninth.

Duh -- worst baserunning I've seen (emphasis on the "I've" there, as I didn't watch Tuesday's game) in weeks, but it's not the first time they've run themselves out of a game. Something has to be done. Aggressive != stupid.

The Weight

Chronicles already commented on this one, but Colón's weight has got to be at the very least a significant concern to the Angels. Unless, as seems possible, he's tipping his pitches and the league can read him like a Harold Robbins paperback.

Update: Will Carroll in BP today suggests the problem may be velocity (ya gotta pay to get in):

Bartolo Colon may be a fat pitcher, but I like fat pitchers. Some may try to blame his recent struggles on his expanding waist, but looking at the facts of the situation, it doesn't bear out. While I won't argue that Colon would do well to check into the low-carb lifestyle (moreover, since I have some grave concerns about Atkins), it's the loss of velocity--not the lack of conditioning--that is the problem. Privately, the Angels' medical staff is searching for answers while Bud Black analyzes video from Colon's past successful seasons for some mechanical answer. One interesting note is that Colon's contract is insured, with pre-existing limitations only on his back.

That Sucking Sound You Hear...

... is Scott Boras trying to siphon 5% of Gary Sheffield's salary. Boras claims he was supposed to represent Sheffield when he became a free agent last year, but Sheffield elected to negotiate his own contract. And even though Shef is a notorious psycho, even he can see when the crazier option is to stay with a guy who's started to lose, and big time.

Will is right, in that Bart's problem is a loss of velocity, but it's a loss of velocity caused by his weight problem. Either his back is injured or he's having mechanical difficulties, both of which are results of being a fat ass.

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