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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Pickoff Moves

Angels 6, Royals 4

Hot dog, we swept, but God help us if we ever see real pitching. Like, you know, the A's. And what is with the no TV thing? Man, was that lousy. But, here's some positives we can take away from this: I've made the obvious point that we should be winning much more handily than we are against this club, but the sweep was much needed. There's no asterisks in the W column.


Phillies 4, Dodgers 1

First off, I should mention that I'm working on a summary of all the contenders' pitching situations that I hope to have done by Wednesday. I hadn't planned on evicting Brad Penny from the Dodger rotation, but it might happen anyway, as Penny got pulled for a strained right bicep. I won't believe that this nullifies the value of DePo's trade as constituted, but if you're the Fish, right now you exhaled. (Stay tuned tomorrow, when we get the MRI back.) Thanks to Dodger Thoughts reader The Ghost of Tom Niedenfuer for forwarding this Will Carroll column about Penny:
On the other end of this deal is Brad Penny, one of the three walking, tossing poster children for pitcher abuse in the Florida rotation. Penny avoided his usual overuse by coming up with a lame elbow in mid-May as well as dealing with Beckett-like blisters later in the season. Rumors circulated fairly regularly last season that Penny's elbow was not the only concern, but that his shoulder had come up abnormal during an MRI. While tears were not seen, sources indicated that Penny had some lesions inside his shoulder capsule and according to some reports he may have the dreaded Hill-Sachs lesions that would imply rotator cuff problems.

Penny, as a power pitcher with a history of overuse and questionable mechanics, is as close to a ticking time bomb without setting off the new detectors at airports as a player can be.

Well, isn't that special?

Awful game today; the best thing to come of it was Carrarra's great pitching in relief. He's much improved from the last time I remember seeing him for an extended stretch, back in 2002. Too bad the Dodgers were hacking at everything.

Somehow the Padres found a way to lose, and the Giants found a way to beat a very shaky Kerry Wood. Through whatever miracle, we're still six and a half up. Our luck right now is unbelievable. Even so, I have the unquenchable feeling the Dodgers will get absolutely creamed by one of (a) the Braves or (b) the Cards once we collide. The Cards we'll get to see in September.


Hey there- not so fast with this 'sweep' talk! We've still got one more in KC.

If we lose tomorrow night, I'll know where to look...
I was at PETCO today and the Padres definitely lost on merit. Oliver Perez was throwing well and the Padres really couldn't produce much aside from Loretta's homer.

Aurilia hit a leadoff triple, but then was doubled up trying to score on a medium-deep fly ball to right field. Brian Buchanan got the start in left and showed why he was in the minors a lot. And why the Padres wanted Finley so they could get some outfield help.

The Pirates got 16 baserunners on during the game, but they had trouble moving anyone around.

The Padres seem to be lacking something. I can't place exactly what it is.
Richard -- oh, geesh, I screwed up. You're right, I might have jinxed us right there.

Bob -- our SD friends with Pads season tickets say their OF defense is really weak, with guys switching off between 1B and OF, or something like that. Aside from a punchless outfield, they also suffer from last-year-of-a-former-great syndrome in David Wells and Rod Beck. A pretty good team, far superior to the 2003 Padres, but not a great one -- or one even really capable of getting out of the NL West.
I don't think Beck gets much work anymore from the Padres.

Prior to the game the PETCO scoreboard ran this graphic.
"The Padres are 19-2 when Scott Linebrink, Akinori Otsuka, and Trevor Hoffman relieve in that order."

Does that stat really have any value aside from saying that Padres do well when they're ahead?

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